Children Law

Children Law

If you are in the process of separating and you are struggling to agree on key issues relating to your children's care, it is important to seek expert advice− to help you to achieve workable solutions which are in your children's best interests.

We can offer advice on how to resolve both the broader and the more specific issues that may arise, from where the children should live and the frequency of contact between them and other family members, to which school they should attend, whether particular medical treatment should be given etc.  In circumstances where agreement simply cannot be reached, despite perhaps having tried negotiation through solicitors, round table meetings and/or mediation, Court proceedings may unfortunately be unavoidable.  We would always endeavour, however, to assist in resolving disputes by agreement wherever possible.  This is also the approach which is taken by the Court, even after proceedings have started.

When a relationship breaks down, one parent may wish to return to their home country or move with the children overseas for work or family reasons.  We can advise on the legal issues to which such a move gives rise.

If your child is taken abroad by another party against your wishes, we are able to respond urgently through our national offices and may be able to draw on our international connections.

The family justice system recognises the invaluable role of a grandparent in a child's life, and we are able to offer advice on how to preserve all positive extended family relationships for children, acting for wider family members as well as parents.

We found the team as a whole to offer an amazing service that we felt went above and beyond. The bills always listed everything clearly, and we felt that we had received very good value for money.
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