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BNG Secondary Legislation Analysed

The long awaited secondary legislation on Biodiversity Net Gain ("BNG") is finally here fleshing out the bones of the Environment Act 2021 ("EA 2021"). These new statutory instruments will deliver mandatory BNG for all new planning applications made post 1 February 2024. There are 6 Statutory Instruments in total and whilst we have seen the draft wording they will all...

How does marriage affect your Will?

Getting married can be an exciting and busy time. But with so much...

Michelmores raises money for Cheltenham Charity Partner, Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice

Michelmores is pleased to announce that it has raised over £1,000 for its...

How long do I have to challenge a Will?

What is a probate claim? The term "probate claim" applies to any contentious...

Two seats in: contentious or non-contentious?

During a training contract, trainees work across various areas of law and are...

Insight: The generation gap - changing attitudes to investment

Each generation approaches investing a little differently. With each generation comes new challenges as well as opportunities. We want to understand how these varying factors affect attitudes to investing and finance.

In collaboration with research company 3Gem, we conducted a UK survey of 1,500 affluent millennials, Gen X and baby boomers (defined as individuals who have investable assets* of £25,000 or more), to understand their attitudes to investment and risk, and how factors such as sustainability or technology can impact their views.