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Regulating the marine environment in England and Wales: How do we currently protect our marine habitats?

In Great Britain, the potentially harmful effects of activities in the marine environment are controlled by a complex system of marine management, primarily governed by the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 (MCAA). This article provides a brief introduction to MCAA, and considers how the current regime has operated to protect the marine environment. MCAA introduced a single framework for...

Marine Net Gain – The Commercial Opportunity

We have touched upon the environmental advantages of promoting marine nature recovery throughout...

Marine Net Gain – The DEFRA Consultation

In 2022, DEFRA launched a consultation on the principles of Marine Net Gain...

Seaweed Farming – An interview with Mollie Gupta at WWF

Seaweed, a marine alga typically found in coastal areas, forms part of the...

Michelmores helps From Babies with Love to support over 46,000 children

Michelmores has supported From Babies with Love since 2022. The social enterprise is...

Insight: The generation gap - changing attitudes to investment

Each generation approaches investing a little differently. With each generation comes new challenges as well as opportunities. We want to understand how these varying factors affect attitudes to investing and finance.

In collaboration with research company 3Gem, we conducted a UK survey of 1,500 affluent millennials, Gen X and baby boomers (defined as individuals who have investable assets* of £25,000 or more), to understand their attitudes to investment and risk, and how factors such as sustainability or technology can impact their views.