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Succession planning for rural businesses

Click here to listen to the accompanying podcast. Thinking about succession in any family business is no easy task. Quite often there are difficult issues to be discussed, decisions to be made and professional fees to be incurred, all of which means that it slips to the bottom of the pile. If decisions are taken, they are sometimes left too...

A cautionary tale for trustees valuing intellectual property assets

Intellectual Property is everywhere and nowhere. While sometimes you might be able to...

Michelmores advises The Barrister Group with investment from LDC

Michelmores has advised tech-enabled legal services company The Barrister Group (TBG) as it...

Trainee blog: the professional skills course for trainee solicitors following the LPC route

This article will outline what the PSC is and highlight my experience of...

Insect Protein: Solutions and opportunities

Click here to listen to the accompanying podcast. Competition for land, particularly on...

Insight: The generation gap - changing attitudes to investment

Each generation approaches investing a little differently. With each generation comes new challenges as well as opportunities. We want to understand how these varying factors affect attitudes to investing and finance.

In collaboration with research company 3Gem, we conducted a UK survey of 1,500 affluent millennials, Gen X and baby boomers (defined as individuals who have investable assets* of £25,000 or more), to understand their attitudes to investment and risk, and how factors such as sustainability or technology can impact their views.