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Natural Capital – from a lender’s perspective

What is Natural Capital? Natural capital is the reserve of renewable and non-renewable natural resources, such as plants, animals, water, soil, and minerals that are combined to provide "ecosystem benefits". "Ecosystem benefits" are benefits of services that underpin our economy and society, and thus make human life possible. Although referred to as capital, natural capital is not a replaceable asset,...

Guide to Employment Law for Start-ups: Getting it right from the start

As a start-up, tackling an assortment of challenges, employment law is often one...

Aldi’s copycat Christmas gin ignites further battle with M&S

The Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court (IPEC) waved goodbye to dry January this...

Evergreening: a powerful tool for your business, but it comes with risks

Trade mark filing strategies involve a variety of techniques to ensure that you...

Introducing a new look for Michelmores

After the last few years of unprecedented change for our clients and contacts,...

Insight: The generation gap - changing attitudes to investment

Each generation approaches investing a little differently. With each generation comes new challenges as well as opportunities. We want to understand how these varying factors affect attitudes to investing and finance.

In collaboration with research company 3Gem, we conducted a UK survey of 1,500 affluent millennials, Gen X and baby boomers (defined as individuals who have investable assets* of £25,000 or more), to understand their attitudes to investment and risk, and how factors such as sustainability or technology can impact their views.