Family Business

Each family business is unique but our starting point is always the same. By getting to know you, your business, and your family, we are able to work with you as a whole to help you achieve your goals. We have a long history of assisting family businesses with their succession and governance as they grow and transition from one generation to the next.

As part of a private wealth team with an unparalleled reputation, our Family Business Solicitors can offer your family business the full breadth of legal support that you may need.

We focus on 4 key areas:

  • Consultancy;
  • Succession;
  • Governance; and
  • Next Generation.
Recent experience

Working with the family owners of a significant family business on a major governance project, resulting in the separation of the trading business from the property holding business and the implementation of a family council, family constitution and family shareholders’ agreement.

Working with the family owners of a retailing family business on a reorganization to achieve the sale of the business to the next generation, including a refinancing, the winding up of a family trust and a shareholders’ agreement to govern the relationship between the next generation sibling team going forward.

Working on a family business succession project, using growth shares to reward the next generation and freezer shares to fix the value for the existing generation.

Setting up family investment companies, for families wishing to take advantage of a tax efficient method of gradually transferring value to the next generation.

Working with the owners of significant privately-owned family companies to ensure an effective succession to the control and capital value of the business.

Advising family shareholders on a £500m plus asset disposal programme.

Nuptial arrangements to protect family assets both before and after a marriage.

Providing on-going advice to more than 30 landed estates and also acting as trustees for a considerable number of these.

Providing family constitution advice to a client with a £30m family business and a disparate successor generation.

Advising the trustees of a group of eight family trusts that own significant City property interests and investment portfolios in their management and strategic planning of the family’s wealth and related interests.

Areas of focus