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International Family Law

For couples of different nationality, or for those that divide their time between different countries, there may be a choice as to where to commence divorce and financial proceedings. This is an important decision to make, as choosing the right jurisdiction at the outset can significantly affect the size of the divorce settlement.

Rules regarding which assets are eligible for inclusion in the divorce settlement, disclosure requirements and the rules regarding maintenance can vary from country to country. Identifying the best jurisdiction for clients at a very early stage of the proceedings (also known as "forum shopping") is key to helping to ensure the protection of worldwide assets held. 

Our specialist team will inform you about each jurisdiction available, highlighting the financial advantages of each option. Together with our Tax, Trusts & Succession team, we can help set up, administer and dismantle trusts, thereby providing a complete service in the resolution of forum disputes.


We found the team as a whole to offer an amazing service that we felt went above and beyond. The bills always listed everything clearly, and we felt that we had received very good value for money.
Chambers 2018

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