Share Schemes

Our team of share schemes solicitors advise on a wide range of employee incentive plans, from HMRC approved schemes such as EMI schemes, through HMRC unapproved share schemes, such as flowering share schemes, to straightforward bonus arrangements.

They will liaise with HMRC and where necessary, other professional advisors, to obtain any required clearances and/or to get valuations agreed. They will consider not just the tax implications of entering into such an arrangement, but will also engage with you to ensure that the right type of arrangement is used for your business. We will also, if requested, carry out an overview of the company’s corporate governance document, and where necessary, make the changes required.

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Recent experience

The implementation of an EMI scheme and US share incentive plan for an IT company.

The implementation of an EMI scheme for a software company.

The implementation of an EMI scheme alongside a growth share plan for a renewable energy company.

Areas of focus

Richard Cobb
Richard Cobb
Senior Partner
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Anthony Reeves
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