The Michelmores Marathon for Mental Wellbeing 2021

Join us from 7 June 2021 to run a marathon challenge in support of mental wellbeing.

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Our priority continues to be the health and wellbeing of our community so we have decided to host our Michelmores Charity Run a little differently this year. Why not be a part of our brand new virtual event and set yourself the challenge of running a marathon in a week, either as an individual or as part of a team, in aid of our charity of the year, the Charlie Waller Trust?

It's a brilliant opportunity to dust off those running shoes, get out into the fresh air and boost your fitness and mental wellbeing.

The low-down 

  • The Michelmores Marathon for Mental Wellbeing will take place over seven days from 7 June to 13 June 2021. In that time, the goal is to run 26.2 miles (42km) in total.
  • Go solo or get together with friends, family or colleagues to create a team of two or four people. If covering 26.2 miles in a week isn’t for you, why not get together with colleagues, friends or family to cover the miles as a team?
  • You can choose to run the marathon all in one go, over the weekend, or run three or four miles each day; as long as you / your team have covered 26.2 miles by the end of the week, it's up to you.
  • You can run wherever and whenever you like. Whether that's doing laps of your local park, pounding the streets of your town, or using a running machine – the goal is the same: 26.2 miles in a week.
  • Maybe you want to try beating your PB or having a crack at covering the distance solo - those wanting to tackle the challenge on their own will be able to enter as an individual.

How to get involved 

The first step is to sign up. Entry to the event is £15 + VAT and all proceeds will be donated to mental health charity the Charlie Waller Trust.

The entry fee includes:

  • Registration
  • An exclusive Michelmores Marathon for Mental Wellbeing race t-shirt, kindly provided by Pencarrie
  • Invitation to a mental health webinar hosted by the Charlie Waller Trust, our charity partner

If you would like to fundraise too, please visit our dedicated fundraising page for Charlie Waller Trust.

Finally, you'll need to record your miles on an app – choose between Strava, Garmin, or any GPS tracking app to upload your distances. Don't forget to take some snaps en route and enter them into our photo competition.


There will be lots of prizes, for both individual and team runners. 

  • Fastest Male single session marathon
  • Fastest Female single session marathon
  • Fastest Male 5k Split
  • Fastest Female 5k Split
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd fastest male (overall distance)
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd fastest female (overall distance)
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd fastest team of 2 (overall distance)
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd fastest team of 4 (overall distance)
  • Largest number of runners entered from a single running club
  • Largest number of runners entered from a single organisation
  • Best picture taken en route
  • The Good Eggs… most enthusiastic team

Good luck, thank you for supporting this great cause, and happy running!

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a minimum age requirement?

Minimum age for participants in the event is 16.

Can we change team members once we have signed up? 

Details of team members do not need to be provided on sign up, only the name of the Team Captain. All race t-shirts and pack info will be sent to your Team Captain.

How can I upload my runs?

The link to upload your runs will be made available during the week of the event.

Can we change team captain details?

If you need to change the name or details of the Team Captain, please contact our Events Team at and a member of the team will be able to assist you.

Can we run as an individual and as part of a team?

You are able to run as an individual as well as part of a team. However, any distance covered can only be entered once. You are not permitted to a leg of miles covered for the inclusion in both your individual and group target.

When will I receive my race pack? 

Race packs will be sent out week commencing 24 May. If you haven’t received your pack by Tuesday 2 June, please contact our Events Team

Can I change my t-shirt size?

Event t-shirts will be sent on a first come, first served basis when it comes to sizing. Once you have signed up, you are unable to change the size of your t-shirt ordered.

Can I get a refund?

All bookings are non-refundable with 100% of proceeds going to our Charity of the Year, The Charlie Waller Trust.

When will I receive information on the webinar?

Each participant will be emailed information and an invitation to the mental health webinar later in the coming months.

What about COVID-19 Restrictions? 

While taking part in the Michelmores Marathon for Mental Wellbeing, please continue to ensure that you observe all current and relevant COVID-19 restrictions that are in place in your area. For current guidelines, please visit GOV.UK.  

Please continue to take care and stay safe.

What is the time frame for submitting mileage?

Registration for the event will close at 23:59 on 6 June 2021. All running data must be entered by 23:59 on 14 June 2021 on the dedicated platform.

How will the largest team be judged?

When entering as a team or individual, please state if you are part of a running club or the company which you work for. We will award the club and company who have submitted the most entries.

Signed up as individuals - can we form a team? 

If you have signed up as an individual but would like to be added to a team, please email our Events Team at and provide us with your full name and the team that you would like to join.