The Michelmores Property Development Club (PDC) is a forum for developers and property professionals to connect and share knowledge. The Club is celebrating its 21st anniversary in 2024 and attracts property professionals and advisers from across the South West.

The Club is primarily aimed at property developers but over the years we’ve found it helpful to open membership up to other professionals in the property industry. With this in mind, all membership requests are reviewed to maintain a good balance of members

The Club will meet four times for in-person events – three lunches and a Winter Social. Members are entitled to two places at each event at which they can either bring two people from their own organisation or, one host and one guest from an outside organisation.

Previous speakers have included: 

  • Karl Tucker, Great Southwest and HotSW
  • Greg Slater, Treveth
  • Malindi Myers, Bank of England
  • Rob Bosworth, Vice Principal and Deputy CEO at Exeter College
  • Aiden Johnson-Hugill, Grenadier Estates
  • James Cross, The Environment Bank
  • Emma Osmundsen, Exeter City Council

For further information about joining the club, please contact our Events team at