We are excited to invite you to our breakfast seminar, focusing on “Maximising and Retaining Value in your company through IP”. This breakfast seminar promises insightful discussions and valuable takeaways.

Key topics include:
  • Raising capital for future expansion: The importance of IP.
  • Demonstrating value to the market through strategic IP management.
  • Navigating potential challenges during capital raising, on exist (trade sale, PE investment, or IPO).
  • Exploring new market opportunities.
  • IP due diligence: red flags for buyers and investors.
  • Patent Box – what is it and how can this tax break help your business?
Our panel will examine case studies covering:
  • Marketing exclusivity and the potential complications of low-cost business models that rely on third party data and/or IP.
  • Ownership issues when consultants or third parties hold critical IP.
  • Addressing shareholder and founder disputes relating to IP, including contractual and documentation issues.
  • Pre-incorporation ownership issues and avoiding challenges.

08:30 | Arrival with coffee and pastries

09:00 | Seminar

10:00 | Networking