Applications for this pitch event have closed. 

We are pleased to announce that our next pitch event will be exclusively for female founders.

On this occasion, we will therefore only be accepting applications from businesses with at least one female founder.

With the aim of reaching and recruiting more female investors, this event is open to existing angel investors and potential angel investors.

We are going to follow the pitches with a Q&A session to allow would-be angels to ask questions and learn about the investment process.

To create a welcoming environment and encourage people to ask questions that they may otherwise feel a bit inhibited to ask, we are inviting seasoned investors to take a tour of the Wiper and True Tap Room while the Q&A is ongoing.

If you are interested in joining the network and attending our events please email for further details.

We hold five pitch events a year where high-growth early-stage companies will be invited to present their businesses to members of the network.

Applicant companies are shortlisted by an investor selection panel and four businesses will be invited to pitch.

Each business has ten minutes to pitch followed by questions from the investors.

We normally expect around ten investors to attend each pitch event, but this will vary depending on availability and interest in particular applicant companies.

Following the pitch, if applicants are in agreement, a copy of the presentations and contact details, are shared with the whole network (currently 55 members).

To find out more about MAINstream, whether to discuss the possibility of joining the network as an investor, or to be considered to pitch at one of our events, please email



Companies pitching on the 27 February:


Eleria has developed a portable cleaning and sterilising case for the menstrual cup. This product overcomes the 2 biggest barriers to entry for the cup in one simple solution.

Co-Founders Kira and Monica conducted a research project in their final year at the University of Bristol titled ‘investigating the uptake of the menstrual cup’, they wanted to understand why more people weren’t using the more sustainable and economical period product option. The 2 biggest barriers to uptake they discovered were; cleaning the cup in public toilets and sterilising it in shared living spaces, and so they decided to create Eleria’s portable cleaning and sterilising case to solve both of these problems in one simple solution.

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PEEQUAL is the UK’s first touch free, ‘squat and go’ women’s urinal that is quick, safe and sustainable. Customers include Glastonbury, London Marathon and Festival Republic. With over 10 million views on tiktok and features on Forbes, BBC and ITV, PEEQUAL is pioneering gender equality one pee at a time.

Working at festivals in their university summers, founders Amber and Hazel experienced 30 minute toilet queues and thought surely there had to be a better way? PEEQUAL was then developed within their masters course at the University of Bristol before launching via LSE business accelerator. PEEQUAL have raised just under half a million to date to get women out of crossed legged queues back to enjoying themselves. Investors include the founder of Monzo and the British Design fund.

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Drinks Kitchin

Drinks Kitchen make award-winning Non-Alcoholic Aperitif. The DK range are a special, delicious and diverse flavour experience offering a healthier option to alcohol or soft drinks. Made in Somerset, natural distillates and extracts are combined to create an environmentally concentrated range. Just add sparkling water 1:6 for a sensational apero.

They want to make a difference to our current drinking culture for the better, for the healthier. Alcohol is normalised in our society for every occasion despite 1 in 5 consumers not drinking (plus its 1 in 4 in younger people). A World Health Organisation report in 2023 reports: “no level of alcohol consumption is safe for our health; risks start from the 1st drop” They don’t think most consumers understand this fully. They would like our society to celebrate a more mindful approach to drinking because they guarantee we will all feel better for it.

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GN3RA is an outfit customisation engine that integrates into games and XR platforms, eliminating the extremely resource intensive production of 3D outfits, while it gives more control to the end-users over their digital identity.

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