We pleased to be sponsoring the SWBC event looking at how the South West can harness the power of AI to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Shadow Minister for AI and Intellectual Property, Matt Rodda will be the keynote with Charlie Courtenay, Partner and Vice-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for IP on the panel.

How does the South West harness the power of AI to meet the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead?

Given the recent rapid rise in the profile of AI, it is key to understand and debate what is helpful and what perhaps is not so helpful in order to support citizens and organisations.

The conference will be opened by Paul Coles, CEO of the South West Business Council followed by a welcome address from the Vice Chancellor of Exeter University, Lisa Roberts, which will then be followed by a keynote speech from Matt Rodda, Shadow Minister for AI and Intellectual Property.

During the day we will seek to explore:
  • The strategic importance of AI for society.
  • How we make best use of technologies such as AI and Machine Learning – especially in terms of how they might improve productivity?
  • What is the role of government in terms of policy-setting frameworks to ensure that AI is a force for good both from a societal and business perspective?
  • Practical AI research and deployments that can enrich our lives in, for instance, the health sector.
  • Where AI could be a threat and how we mitigate against that threat?
Other speakers and panellists will include:
  • Prof. Simon Mcintosh-Smith – Simon is leading the Isambard-AI is a national Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (AIRR) project, a circa £250m initiative which will come online in summer 2024. Isambard-AI will enable a step-change in AI capability for the UK, delivering over 100 times more AI performance than the UK has had up to now.
  • Charlie Courtenay – The Earl of Devon and cross-bench member of the House of Lords. Charlie has a keen focus on the environment and technology. Charlie is also Vice-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Intellectual Property.
  • Kate Doodson – Joint CEO of Devon-based Cosmic, Kate will take part in a panel event chaired by Charlie Courtenay and has a strong focus on life-long digital skills provision.