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Careers at Michelmores

There’s one thing all our employees agree on. We recruit brilliant people.

The formidable workforce at Michelmores is the result of 400 inspired recruitments. Although our people joined us at various stages in their careers and differ in countless ways, there’s something they all have in common. Although they’re ambitious, it isn’t a shinning-up-the-greasy-pole-at-all-costs ambition. Instead, they’re collaborative and mutually supportive. Here, we work and progress together. Just as we have since, ooh, 1887. Goodness, doesn’t time fly?

Where ‘here’ is

Being at Michelmores can mean working at any of our offices in Bristol, Exeter and London. As well as having the opportunity to work remotely. The decision about where each individual works is down to professional judgement and taking personal responsibility. Read more about our approach to agile working.

How the Firm is set up

The three main departments at Michelmores are: Business, Real Estate and Private Client. New recruits join a team and get to work collaboratively across a number of different sectors. The work’s challenging, rewarding and diverse.

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