Our Values


We’re at our best when working in true partnership with our clients and our colleagues. There’s a tremendous sense of togetherness amongst us that leads to a genuinely warm and appreciative working environment. We all benefit from a clear strategy and focus that offers everyone the chance to develop personally and professionally.

As a firm we strive to be more understanding, more flexible, and less prescriptive about how we enable our people to succeed in their roles. We believe in Michelmores, we never stop learning and we care about what we stand for and our collective future success.


We’re always thinking about how we can grow, improve and move forward as a firm, not stand still. Whatever our role, we understand that the best commercial decisions come from always striving to understand what the future holds, whether that is in our clients’ worlds or our own. We’re progressive, not reactive, we don’t sit on the fence, we’re solutions-driven and we organize ourselves around the evolving needs of our clients.


We’re a creative and ambitious firm with a supportive culture. We prize working in an entrepreneurial environment where there’s no such thing as a bad idea. We love being around people who challenge the norm. We believe in constantly challenging ourselves and are always thinking about the best way to solve problems, rather than the easiest, using a “what if” mindset. We’re proud to show our own personalities: our clients and colleagues love us for not being afraid of being “human”.