The role of a Company Secretary

Your company is obliged to:

  • file an annual return
  • file other documents with Companies House
  • maintain the company's statutory registers
  • retain the company seal (if there is one), share certificates, letters of allotment, the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and the Certificate of Incorporation
  • arrange and provide notice for company meetings and directors' meetings

The company secretary, as an officer of the company, is liable, together with the company's directors, for default fines and other penalties provided by the Companies Acts and imposed by the Registrar at Companies House.

We can help to ensure you comply with these requirements.

Services are offered on a fixed price basis and include:

  • acting as company secretary
  • providing a registered office address
  • providing service addresses for directors/company secretary
  • maintaining statutory books
  • holding the statutory records and company seals in a secure place
  • completing and filing the annual return and other statutory forms
  • completing and filing the share allotments and share transfers
  • company monitoring
  • mail forwarding

Note: There is no longer a legal requirement for a private company to have a Company Secretary.  However, if there is no company secretary the directors will be required to ensure that the company complies with the Companies Acts.

How to Order

For further information on Company Secretarial Services please refer to our rates sheet or contact Caroline Lavis on or telephone number 01392 687641.