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Approaching qualification

In what seems like a flash, the training contract at Michelmores is coming to an end and qualifying as a solicitor is just around the corner. In this article I discuss what is required as qualification approaches.

CV preparation, application and interview

The process for applying for a role as a newly qualified (NQ) solicitor role at Michelmores is similar to that of applying for most jobs – it is necessary to submit a CV and written reasons for why I am applying for the role.

Having located what was my long-forgotten CV, it was time to update this to reflect the work I had undertaken during my training contract. This CV needed to be bespoke, focusing primarily on my experience in each seat of my training contract and the competencies I developed. I summarised a select number of matters I had worked on, what my level of involvement was, and the experience I had gained.

Then came what felt like the most difficult part of the process, choosing which department to qualify into!

Once I chose the department in which I wanted to qualify and submitted my application, I eagerly anticipated a response. I was subsequently invited to interview with members of the team to which I had applied. The interview involved a number of competency-based questions, discussions around what the role involved and what my motivations were for applying for the particular area.

After one nail-biting week following my interview, I was called by the HR team. Fortunately, I was offered an NQ role and I could now start preparing for qualification.

SRA requirements

Before you are able to qualify, there are a number of requirements to complete before the SRA can approve you for qualification as a solicitor and admit you onto the roll.

These include:

  • Having a training diary approved by each supervisor from each seat;
  • Completing background screening checks; and
  • Submitting your admission application to the SRA.

Provided that everything is approved by the SRA, becoming a NQ solicitor at Michelmores should soon become a reality.

The hard work begins now…