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Transfer Deadline Day: International Sportsperson Visa

With Lewis Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari being the most high-profile transfer in what has otherwise been a quiet deadline day, there is some other news in the sports world that has seemingly gone under the radar…the update to the International Sportsperson visa!

What is the International Sportsperson Visa?

The International Sportsperson visa is designed for elite sportspersons or qualified coaches who are internationally acknowledged and are looking to flourish their sports careers to the top level in the UK.

What is changing?

With effect from 31 January 2024, the UK Government updated the International Sportsperson visa rules, to correct a drafting error, when the rules were first published.

The Government has announced that the update is to the rule at Paragraph 28A of the Immigration Rules part 1: leave to enter or stay in the UK.

What does this mean?

The update means that applicants are able to apply for an International Sportspersons visa for a period of permission of 12 months or less, in the country where they are situated at the date of the application, provided:

  1. the post has been designated by the Secretary of State to accept applications for entry clearance for that purpose and from that category of applicant;
  2. the applicant is in that country or territory for a similar purpose to the activity they propose to undertake in the UK; and
  3. the applicant is able to demonstrate to the Entry Clearance Officer that they have been given permission to live in that country or territory in accordance with its immigration laws.

For further information and advice about issues relating to the above, please refer to our specialist immigration team. We provide comprehensive advice and support when it comes to applying for the International Sportsperson visa and complying with the ongoing duties.