Millennials, money & myths: Technology & investment

Millennials, money & myths: Technology & investment

The rise in the use of digital technology has changed the landscape of many industries, and the world of investment and asset management is no exception. Millennials are the first generation to grow up surrounded by the internet and digital platforms.

In association with research consultancy Savanta ComRes, we interviewed 500 affluent millennials about their approach and attitudes to their money, investing, technology, work and lifestyle.

Technology & investment

In the second release of our research, Millennials, money and myths, we explore just how comfortable and trusting affluent millennials are using digital technologies to invest, and how this affects their relationship with traditional investment advice. This presents some interesting food for thought for organisations looking at the future of their client base and how they may need to adapt their business practices to accommodate this.

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The first section of our ‘Millennials, money and myths’ report, ‘Finance & Investing’ is also available. Click here to download it.