Michelmores launches Associates Academy

Michelmores launches Associates Academy

The success of Michelmores’ Associate Development Programme (ADP) which has seen 15 Associates become Partners since its inception in 2007, has prompted the ambitious law firm to launch a new and improved development programme to be known as Michelmores’ Associate Academy.

Building upon the success of the existing Partner Development Programme, the Academy will focus upon the key leadership challenges of the Associate role, as well as covering some of the important aspects of being an effective manager within a professional services context.

Colette Stevens, HR Director at Michelmores said: “The ADP has successfully helped to develop the skills of our Associates over the last six years and has reflected the importance we place upon supporting our people to become the best they can. Regular reviews of the developmental programmes have ensured they continue to offer the right level of enrichment and challenge.

“During a recent review of our current ADP, we identified some changes to the programme which we felt will enhance the overall quality and continue to provide the growth and inspiration our internal talent demands.

“This represents the next step forward in our people development programme, with the objectives of creating greater engagement and motivation, driving increased performance and encouraging wider networking among our Associate talent pool.”

The Michelmores’ Associate Academy was officially launched in early September and involves all 20 of the firm’s current Associates in a wide variety of interactive initiatives including experiential activities, presentations, group work, case studies, actor-led scenarios and paired discussions to ensure there is something for every learning style.