We understand modern day families are created and structured in different ways, including becoming:

  • A biological parent
  • A social parent
  • A step parent
  • An intended parent through surrogacy
  • A co-parent
  • A separated parent
  • A divorced parent
  • An adoptive parent

Your journey to parenthood raises complex legal, practical, financial and emotional issues, particularly if you conceive a child through: fertility treatment, donor conception, surrogacy, known donation or you have a complex personal situation.  If your relationship subsequently breaks down or you are disputing arrangements for the care and upbringing of that child pre-conception, you will derive benefit from pragmatic timely expert advice secured at the outset.

Assisted conception treatment and modern day family living continues to outpace the law. Adults and children can be left in limbo, in a legally unresolved situation without the appropriate legal status. You may not have the form of family you intended. 

You and your partner may have different legal status for your child. Your child's legal identity as your son or daughter may be affected. You or your partner may not be your child's legal parent. You or your partner may lack parental responsibility for your child. A third party may have unwanted legal rights and responsibilities for your child. You or your partner may not be financially responsible for your child. Your child may lack a right of inheritance from you or your partner. You or your partner may lack legal status to bring or defend legal proceedings for your child.

Through our wealth of expertise we understand how these scenarios can undermine the well-being of the child, yourself and the wider family. 

How we can help

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We deliver a proactive forward thinking approach advising on:

  • acquisition and protection of legal parenthood for a child
  • acquisition and exercise of parental responsibility for a child
  • fertility law in the UK and internationally
  • donor conception law in the UK and internationally
  • surrogacy law in the UK and internationally
  • adoption law in the UK and inter-country adoption
  • known donation law and preparation of a known donor agreement
  • co-parenting law and preparation of a co-parenting agreement
  • legal risk analysis in your situation
  • financial provision for a child
  • a dispute about arrangements for a child
  • a relationship breakdown
  • preparation of a specialist 'Family Proof' Wills

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For further information and assistance contact Louisa Ghevaert, Partner and Head of the Fertility and Parenting Team at Michelmores. Email louisa.ghevaert@michelmores.com or call +44(0)207 7886382.

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