The unexpected pleasures of working at Michelmores

The unexpected pleasures of working at Michelmores

When I started down the path of becoming a solicitor, I knew it was a career that would present many challenges and require a lot of commitment – after all, many people describe the training contract as a ‘two-year interview’. Of course, it has been a challenging experience, but there have also been many great surprises along the way!

Charity of the Year

I have been lucky enough to sit on the Charity of the Year committee. This has widened my perspective of the Firm and how we fit into the community, helping me to understand the impact that a law firm, such as Michelmores, can have on a charity’s fundraising. I have had the opportunity to arrange events which both raise money for our Charity of the Year, and also offer our staff a chance to engage in the Firm’s culture and have fun.

Examples include the Christmas Bazaar (including the ‘Elf Yourself’ photo booth), various sweepstakes, a live screening of Wimbledon (with Pimm’s and scones) and a Charity Car Wash. Everyone is encouraged to get involved – even our Senior Partner came to help me wash cars during the Car Wash event!

Team Outings

Who would have thought that it is possible to get your team to come to dinner with you, not just for lunch (which has been a regular occurrence in some shape or form), but out to dinner. I have been lucky enough to manage to do this in each seat. Recently we had a great evening consisting of meal together, followed by a film at the Exeter Phoenix Cinema.

Other Events

Besides the networking events, award ceremonies and lunches that you may attend as a trainee (there are many lunches and drinks events…), there are things which I had not anticipated. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words…

The Head of the Family team and I arranged a wine tasting evening, which was auctioned at our Christmas Bazaar. The lucky winners had to put up with an evening of tasting good wine. This is not something I expected to be involved with as a trainee and it was a fantastic opportunity to meet various people throughout the Firm.

Now, I had definitely not expected to end up being taken to a brewery in the back of an army truck with my colleagues and a Partner of the firm (who was so hospitable she cooked up a banquette which was waiting for us on our arrival)!

Who would have thought that being whisked away for a surprise lunch would result in an attendance to a livestock farmers market? I learnt the hammer value of a Limousine (Cow), how cute piglets are when running alongside each other and most importantly, I discovered what must be the best pie in town.

Overall, it is challenging, hard work and yes, it is a two-year interview. However, it is also fun, fulfilling and encouraging working with people who are great at what they do, willing to teach you, put up with all of your questions and are still up for having a good time.

Despite all the hard work, I am really enjoying indulging in the unexpected pleasures that have so far involved a lot of laughter, team work, responsible drinking and yes – cows. I think the main thing I have taken away from my training so far besides legal knowledge is: say yes and embrace the unexpected!