Trainee Blog: What I have learnt during my Training Contract

Trainee Blog: What I have learnt during my Training Contract

Qualification approaching in just under two months’ time has prompted reflections on the past two years. I remember the day like it was yesterday, waiting for the call to confirm whether I was successful in my application for a training contract with Michelmores. Fast forward two – unprecedented, it must be said – years, what have I learnt?

Finding what works for you

Trainees at Michelmores spend 6 months in 4 seats. This provides exposure to different teams, supervisors and colleagues who all offer valuable insights. Meanwhile the Knowledge team are available to assist with knowledge development and research skills. This combination enables trainees to find a style of working which suits them and learn to organise their time, progress matters efficiently and deliver excellent client service.

Building your Personal Brand

Michelmores encourages trainees to take responsibility for matters whilst being supported with a network of supervision and regular feedback. With resources to develop their skills and opportunities to manifest them, trainees can work on understanding their strengths and developing their personal brand. Trainees are also encouraged to engage and excel through initiatives like the “On the Spot” awards. These are awarded following colleagues’ recommendations for work on a matter or within a team which has been above and beyond – it is always exciting when the list of awards is read out at monthly departmental huddles!

Engaging outside your seat

Michelmores has a particular focus on cross-office and cross-team collaboration. There are always opportunities to offer a hand on new projects and engage in other teams’ fortnightly knowledge sessions (where topical developments are explored and advice shared). There is also regular soft skills training like seminars on ‘how to write best for search engines’ and ‘how to manage time effectively’. Fundraisers for our Charity of the Year, The Charlie Waller Trust, are also great opportunities to form relationships across and outside the firm.

Trainees are in a perfect environment to grow from both the seat they are in and beyond, which makes qualification a lot less scary!