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Trainee Blog: Social Mobility at Michelmores

With the introduction of the SQE and legal apprenticeships, the legal sector is becoming increasingly accessible, meaning that the hiring of the ‘law firm’ stereotype is out and anyone with an interest in law can pursue a career in law. As ESG initiatives resonate through all sectors, the stereotypical lawyer is beginning to fade, and firms are starting to pay real attention to social mobility and how diversity has a positive impact on a firm, its clients and its people. Social mobility is crucial because it creates a workforce that is future proof (by representing the communities we live in) and drives growth (by creating better and fairer outcomes).

Michelmores has worked hard to create a culture that is inclusive by offering career paths that are accessible and give everyone an equal chance to access a career in law. One of our key achievements and initiatives that has a positive impact on our local community is our Momentum programme.

Momentum Programme

Our Momentum Programme, in partnership with VisionPath, was launched in 2022 and its focus is to build career skills, soft skills, confidence and to help students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds realise their potential through colleague led sessions. Through this programme we have built valuable relationships with local schools and hope to have a positive impact on the students attending the sessions.

Our workshops are delivered by colleagues across the firm, including graduates. These sessions focus on providing students with valuable insight into the legal world. Topics range from soft skills in the workplace, potential career paths, recruitment process tips to discussing equality, fairness, and justice.

Through this programme we hope to help students realise their potential and feel more confident accessing a career in professional services and potentially law.

10,000 Black Interns

Michelmores joined the 10,000 Black Interns initiative in 2023. An initiative set up to encourage and promote diversity in a range of sectors by providing talented individuals with the opportunity to work in various UK industries where many are under-represented.

The scheme aligns with Michelmores’ ESG initiatives and our collective goal to ensure the legal sector is more accessible and diverse, and feeds into our strategic pillars and core goals of creating a culture of choice and having a significance of impact.

For more information visit: Our Programmes: 10,000 Black Interns and 10,000 Able Interns

Routes into law

We offer a range of routes to make law more accessible, from the more traditional Trainee route to the new Graduate Solictor Apprenticeship and School Leavers Solicitor Apprenticeship routes. Michelmores have a broad range of opportunities to expand on your legal knowledge whilst gaining invaluable work experience.

Our apprenticeship routes give students the opportunity to work whilst studying. Our apprenticeships encourage a new group of talent to get into a career in law, build their legal knowledge, gain work experience and gain a professional qualification to help them achieve their career goals.

To find out more about the different routes to qualification offered here at Michelmores, you can read Milli Clarke’s blog: Qualification routes offered by Michelmores

Please contact or if you would like more information on the opportunities available here at Michelmores.