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Finding the right firm for you as a student

When starting my law degree, I was surprised by the variety of law firms operating in the UK. From the magic circle firms in London to the regional firms spread across the rest of the country, I quickly realised that there were too many firms to look at for potential career opportunities as a solicitor. This realisation is something most law students experience while completing their studies. I set out below some key considerations for when you are searching for the right firm for you.

Practice Areas

When finding the right firm for you, a key point to consider is what practice areas pique your interest. There are many law firms that cover a variety of practice areas so they can fully support their clients. You want to make sure that the firms you apply to cover the practice areas you are interested in so you get the most out of your training as a solicitor. If you’re not yet sure what areas you’re passionate about, it is probably wise to focus on full-service firms like Michelmores so that you’ve got a range of practice areas for you to choose from throughout your training contract or graduate solicitor apprenticeship. I have already enjoyed a seat in Commercial and Regulatory Disputes, am currently sitting in the Banking and Finance team and am looking forward to experiencing a range of other practice areas in my final two seats. You can find a full list of Michelmores’ practice areas here.


After working out what practice areas you’re interested in, you may then want to think about the ways that these practice areas vary across firms. This is because even though some firms cover the same practice areas, like corporate or banking, they can differ greatly within those practices. For example, some firms may focus on acting for international, national or regional clients, others may focus on a particular industry or sector, such as healthcare or insurance.  At Michelmores, we act for international, national and regional clients, so we are a good choice for students who want to work with a range of clients.


You also want to find a firm with the right culture for you. One way of getting to know if a firm possesses a culture which is right for you is by taking part in the various undergraduate schemes that firms offer throughout each academic year. There will often be an insight day or open day offered by firms you are looking at. These are opportunities for you to meet people at firms and ask them questions. They are therefore good introductory opportunities for undergraduates, as meeting people at the firm can allow you to stand out early on, especially if you ask thoughtful questions.

Work Experience

Firms will also usually offer work experience or a vacation scheme, which is a chance for you to get work experience at firms while potentially securing a training contract after a vacation scheme finishes. These are valuable opportunities as working for a week in a team will allow you to witness firsthand what a firm’s culture is really like.

There are many law firms in the UK, each of them different in some way. As a student, you should think about the above points so that you can eventually find a firm that is the right fit for you. There will be other points for you to think, such as the geographical positioning of the firm, but the above is a good way to start thinking about your future law firm.

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