Creating your own training and development opportunities

Creating your own training and development opportunities

As a Michelmores trainee, you will be invited to attend focussed training sessions led by subject matter experts, both internally and externally. Whilst it may be tempting to focus on your chargeable work, these sessions are integral to your development and will remain so after you qualify. For examples of opportunities you can take advantage of to develop your skills and enhance your training, please read on.

Team meetings and discussions

Attending team meetings will ensure that you remain aware of current matters within your team, and perhaps recent successes or setbacks from which you can learn.
It is also beneficial to regularly catch up with your colleagues. You will start to understand who specialises in different areas and can connect and learn from others’ experiences. For example, it has been helpful for me and the other trainee in my team to share knowledge. When asking other team members questions, try to demonstrate that you have considered what the solution could be before approaching them.

Knowledge Sessions 

ELEVATE is our internal knowledge programme. Each team has designated ‘knowledge champions’ who organise sector, case law and legislative updates (often presented by external experts). Anyone within the Firm is welcome to attend and share experiences from their practice area.
It is likely that you will be asked to research and present on a topic related to the legal area in which you work. I have presented in two of my seats: Projects and Corporate. This has helped me develop my sector knowledge and understanding of my role. Researching and presenting a topic, and explaining it to someone else will help you to develop a deeper understanding of its complexities.
As part of the training contract, you will have four seats to choose from. It is also useful to attend other people’s knowledge sessions as it is beneficial to gain as much exposure to other business areas as you can. This extra insight will help you decide which area you would like to qualify into.


MAINstream is a network for angel investors who meet regularly throughout the year. At the events, companies pitch their businesses to investors. I have attended some of the pitch events and the selection panel meetings. This has developed my networking skills and knowledge of how businesses fundraise and grow at an early stage. By learning more about how different businesses operate, I will be able to gain a wider understanding of the issues they face and what legal support they may require at different stages.


Volunteer to attend a conference and learn about a topic. I attended Michelmores Sustainable Agriculture conference where Natural Capital, Regenerative Agriculture and Agri-Tech were discussed. The focus of the conference was on sharing knowledge, networking, and planning toward reaching Net Zero when it comes to carbon emissions. Please see more information about the conference here. Sustainability is an increasing area of concern amongst society including business owners, and attending the conference increased my awareness of this topic. Attending conferences will give you the opportunity to meet different people externally and within your Firm. You will also learn about a new topic that may link into your current seat and the rest of your career.
Ultimately, it is pertinent to remember that part of your training contract is in your hands. In addition to the four seat areas that form your training contract, you have access to other areas for development and training within the Firm.