Chaaaange places!

Chaaaange places!

It’s almost time for seat rotation. For those readers unaware, most training contracts involve working in four or more departments over two years, with time in each department known as a seat. This means that trainees get to experience a good variety of different legal work during their training contract, helping them develop their skill and become better, more rounded lawyers when they qualify.

At least, that is the official line. I am feeling a little more like a guest at the Mad Hatter’s tea party – just as I have gotten comfortable, everyone is changing places.

I have been in the corporate department at Michelmores for five months now. I have experienced a varied and interesting workload, having worked on small transactions buying, selling or setting up companies, right through to multi-million pound deals involving AIM listings, restructuring company groups and even touched upon some international deals in places such as Africa and Mongolia. I also feel like I have started to find my feet in the department. I understand the work I am doing (most of the time) and the expectations of me. I understand how the department works and know the people. I have got to grips with the terminology and the fundamentals of corporate law.

Kieran is now preparing for his change of seat

And so the thought of moving into a different department, practicing a different area of law is really quite intimidating.It feels a bit like having to start all over again.

Except that, in reality, it isn’t.

While moving into a new department will be a big change (and undoubtedly a challenge), I have been building up skills and experience for five months now. One of the great things about training at Michelmores is that you are constantly pushed to get more involved and undertake more difficult tasks. When I think of the difference in my skills – legal and otherwise – between now and when I started I am amazed! All of these skills, and the lessons I have learned in terms of business, professionalism and how the legal sector works, will be coming with me to my next seat, providing a strong foundation to build up more skills and knowledge in a different area.

So maybe in this case, the official line is right after all!