Henry Taylor
Posted on 2 May 2016

Henry Taylor

"I do a lot of work for funds investing into Africa, which has included deals in Kenya, Malawi, Sierra Leone and Mauritius."

What do you think is unique about Michelmores? 

You often hear people say that Michelmores has a special “culture” and it’s true. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but it’s just a great place to work. I think that a lot of it is down to the feeling you get that people really want to work here, which leads to a collegiate atmosphere.

What has been a recent highlight for you?

I work in the Corporate team, and 2016 has been a really busy year for us, with lots of transactions completing. Every completion is exciting, but a real highlight for me was acting on the sale of Magicseaweed to SurfStitch, an Australian listed company. Magicseaweed provides surf forecasting data and is also a surf retail outlet. As a surfer myself, this is one the websites I visit the most, so it was great to be involved in the deal!

Tell me about your average day

Part of what I like about the area of work I do is that no two days are the same. Every transaction is different, with lots of moving parts and its own quirks. One day, I may be out and about seeing clients and trying to get under the skin of their businesses, and the next I may be in meetings negotiating a transaction. And then of course there are the days in the office where I can be on the phone to clients and lawyers acting on the other side of deals and drafting and negotiating documents.

What deals have you worked on recently?

As well as the Magicseaweed deal, I recently acted for Mobeus on its investment into Tushingham Sails, which specialises in stand up paddleboards and windsurf equipment. Further afield, I do a lot of work for funds investing into Africa, which has included deals in Kenya, Malawi, Sierra Leone and Mauritius.

Tell me about something that you have become involved in whilst at Michelmores that you wouldn’t have expected

The work that I undertake in the emerging markets, and especially in Africa, is not something that I anticipated being involved in when I started at Michelmores. These are really exciting deals, all with their own challenges, so it is great to play a part.

What was the last picture you took on your phone?

My two young sons walking through a maize maze near Exeter. We were quite lost at the time!