Q: How much involvement do I have in selecting my seats?

Each trainee is given the opportunity to put forward their 'wish list' for each seat, and we work with each trainee on an individual basis to ensure that you get a varied and challenging training contract. Our approach to the seat rotation is to be fair and collegiate, whilst balancing this with the needs of the business.

Whilst we encourage our trainees to spend time in each of our different departments, we recognise people's personal preferences, and treat each trainee as an individual.

Q: Do you offer training contracts or Vacation Schemes in London or Bristol?

Our training contracts are based in Exeter, Bristol and London and trainees from our Bristol and Exeter offices have the opportunity to spend a seat in Exeter and also in London or Bristol respectively. 

Our Vacation Scheme is based in our Exeter office. Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not offer a Vacation Scheme in London or Bristol. However if you are interested in learning more about our London office, our London Open Day is taking place on 21 January 2019.

Q: Do I have to have recently graduated to apply?

No, we accept applications from people at any stage of their career. 

Q: Do you offer work experience? 

We offer university students work experience via our Summer Vacation Scheme in Exeter. 

Q: Do you receive any financial support when attending the Summer Vacation Scheme?  

Yes, we will reimburse travel, accommodation and refreshment costs for the week, up to the value of £250. 

Q: What opportunities do you offer first year students? 

We hold an annual open day at our Exeter and London offices, which is open to students at all levels of their university studies. The open day is great opportunity to find out whether Michelmores is the type of firm you would like to train at.

Q: Are all practice areas represented in all offices?

Some practice areas are only represented in one or two of our offices. View a list of seats available in each location

Q: Are there any compulsory seats? 

No, there aren't any compulsory seats but we do encourage our trainees to experience each of our different departments. Trainees are also required to gain experience of both contentious and non-contentious work. 

Q: Do you offer secondments? 

Yes. Previous opportunities have included 6 months at the MET office. To find out more, you can read Megan's article on our trainee blog: 'Did someone say 'Secondment'?'

Q: What is the salary for trainees?

We review our trainee salaries on an annual basis to ensure they are competitive in the local market. 

Currently, trainees in our Exeter office start on £27,500 in their first year and increase to £29,000 in their second year, whilst trainees in our Bristol office start on £31,000 in their first year and increase to £32,500 in their second year. Trainees in our London office start on £36,500 and increase to £39,000 in their second year.

Q: What are the firm's trainee retention rates?

We recruit to retain our trainees and over the past five years we have always had as many NQ vacancies as we do qualifying solicitors. We are delighted to be retaining all of our trainees in 2018.

Q: Do you have an Open Day? 

Yes we have an Open Day each year in our Exeter and London office. Our 2019 Open Days are scheduled for Thursday 17 January in Exeter and Monday 21 January in London. You will be able to register your interest in the event from 1 November via our website. 

Q: After submitting an application when should I expect to receive an update from Michelmores?

We will be in touch with all applicants within 6 - 8 weeks following the application deadline.