Updates to EduBase no longer possible

Updates to EduBase no longer possible

The register of educational establishments in England and Wales, EduBase was replaced on Monday 18 September.

The system, recognised as the primary source of data on educational establishments, will be replaced by the new ‘Get Information About Schools’ service.

Owing to this upcoming launch, updates to EduBase are longer be possible – the deadline being Friday 15 September. At that time, the EduBase database will be frozen as data is transferred to the new service.

The Department for Education has noted, importantly, that all existing credentials will continue to be valid on the new service and will continue to provide the same privileges as provided currently.

If you are interested and cannot wait until Monday’s switchover, the ‘Get Information About Schools’ service is currently available purely for familiarisation and testing purposes (although the data contained is historic and should not be relied on just yet).