The generation gap: changing attitudes to investing

The generation gap: changing attitudes to investing

Each generation approaches investing a little differently. With each generation comes new challenges as well as opportunities. We want to understand how these varying factors affect attitudes to investing and finance.

In collaboration with research company 3Gem, we conducted a UK survey of 1,500 affluent millennials, Gen X and baby boomers (defined as individuals who have investable assets* of £25,000 or more), to understand their attitudes to investment and risk, and how factors such as sustainability or technology can impact their views.

Our research focuses on four main themes around: finance and investing, sustainability and investment, property and business, as well as age and investment behaviour.

At Michelmores, increasing our understanding of these generations beyond the stereotypes is key to enable us to recognise our current and future clients’ priorities, and to offer them seamless legal support on both their personal and business ventures.

*Investable assets were defined as anything of financial value that could easily be used to invest, including cash, bank account balances, money in retirement accounts, mutual funds, stocks, bonds or anything similar but not including properties, vehicles, art jewellery or collectables.