Michelmores tops the charts once again in Lex100 trainee survey

Michelmores has been named a Lex100 Winner for 2017/18 in the following categories: 'Job satisfaction', 'Quality of work', 'Low stress levels', 'Confidence of being kept on' and 'Inclusiveness'.

Lex100 gathers 3,000 anonymous responses from trainees at 165 law firms across the UK. In evaluating their firms, the trainees assigned scores according to 13 different criteria of trainee life, including: job satisfaction, living up to expectations, work quality, client contact, work/life balance, friendliness, social life, vacation scheme, confidence of being kept on and inclusiveness.

Michelmores scored the highest across all 165 firms for trainees' positive responses to 'how stressful do you find your job?'. The survey noted that:

"Michelmores has a reputation for ‘dealing with employees fairly’, which helps trainees feel more valued for their efforts."

The survey also states that at Michelmores, there is a "collective determination to continually improve the Firm" and that Michelmores is a Firm with "an entrepreneurial and opportunistic spirit".