Michelmores is first in South West to partner with Institute of Legacy Management

The Institute of Legacy Management (ILM) has announced that Michelmores Solicitors has become a corporate partner, the first law firm in Devon & Cornwall to achieve this status.

The ILM provides sensitive legacy management and support in the not-for-profit sector which benefits from an estimated £1.65bn each year from legacies with many charities appointing a dedicated legacy officer to attract and manage this important source of revenue.

Michelmores has developed a highly effective practice which advises legacy officers, amongst others, on disputes over Wills, trusts and estates and has recently added specialist Andrew White to the team.

Tony Cockayne, Head of Disputed Wills at Michelmores, said: “It is not uncommon for individuals to think the contents of a Will are unfair but they cannot challenge that Will on the basis of unfairness alone.  There must be a legal reason behind any challenge and this is why legacy officers and not-for-profit organizations require expert legal advice and the support of the ILM in circumstances where a legacy they have received causes a Will to be challenged.

Tony added: “I am also delighted to welcome Andrew White to the team.  He will specialize in disputes over Wills, trusts and estates, including claims concerning the validity of Wills, claims under the Inheritance Act, equitable claims and applications for the removal of executors and trustees.”

Michelmores has recently dealt with a number of high profile disputed Will cases including acting for the spouse of a famous artist in relation to the provisions of his Will and reaching settlement for a charity client at a mediation in a claim concerning the testamentary capacity of a famous ballerina.