Aspirations Academies Trust to open two new Schools in partnership with Ian Livingstone

Aspirations Academies Trust (AAT) has been approved to open two non-selective primary & secondary schools, one in London and the other in Bournemouth/Poole. Both schools will specialise in Computing and Sciences with the curriculum being developed in partnership with Ian Livingstone, co-founder of Games Workshop. In a world that has become so dependent on technology, Ian wants to create a curriculum that is relevant for the 21st century stating that 'children need to learn skills for jobs that don’t yet exist'.  

Both schools will be supported by a number of leading UK and international digital companies. 

Michelmores' Education team has supported AAT for a number of years and is delighted to be a part of these two new exciting projects. Currently, AAT run twelve schools across London and the South East, of which two are studio schools specialising in space sciences and one is a sixth form specialising in sciences and technology.