Millennials, money & myths: family & money matters

Millennials, money & myths: family & money matters

Family is often one of the strongest influences on the way we manage money. The millennial generation is no different. But do they act in the same way as their parents may have acted in the past?

In association with research consultancy Savanta ComRes, we interviewed 500 affluent millennials about their approach and attitudes to their money, investing, technology, work and lifestyle.

Family & money matters

In the third release of our research, Millennials, money and myths, we look at how being part of a family affects affluent millennials’ approaches to spending, saving, investing and gifting their money.

Understanding the influence of family structures on a generation who we’ve found to be independent, risk adverse and socially conscientious in their asset management, is important to organisations looking at their future client base. These organisations may benefit from flexing their business offering to forge and maintain strong working relationships with this generation.

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