Michelmores score highest ever results in Lex100 trainee survey

Michelmores score highest ever results in Lex100 trainee survey

The results of this year’s survey of law trainee attitudes organised by the student guide to the law, Lex100, has some very encouraging results for Michelmores.

Michelmores is a Lex100 Winner for 2016/17, winning a fantastic nine awards across the following categories: ‘Job satisfaction’, ‘Living up to expectations’, ‘Quality of work’, ‘Client contact’, ‘Low stress levels’, ‘Friendliness’, ‘Social life’, ‘Confidence in being kept on’ and ‘Diversity’.

Lex100 gathered over 3,000 anonymous responses from trainees at 173 law firms across the UK. Trainees evaluated their firms, assigning scores according to 13 different criteria of trainee life. 

Michelmores scored the highest of all law firms for ‘Confidence in being kept on’, scoring 9.19 – current trainees at Michelmores “feel passionate about their opportunities for the future“. This is great news for the Firm, given its approach to graduate recruitment is to recruit to retain, seeing trainees as the Firm’s future Senior Associates and Partners.

The survey concluded by saying that Michelmores is an “ambitious firm, always seeking opportunities to grow and develop without compromising on the quality of services it provides“. Its Trainees enthuse about “exposure to interesting cases and City-quality work while still maintaining a work/life balance“.

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