Michelmores announces new charity partnership for 2020

Michelmores announces new charity partnership for 2020

Michelmores has announced a new two-year charity partnership with The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, a charity working to educate young people on the importance of staying mentally well, and how to do so.

From January 2020, Michelmores will fundraise in support of The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, across its offices in Bristol, Exeter and London.

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, based in Berkshire, was set up by Sir Mark and Lady Waller, in memory of their son Charlie, who sadly took his own life whilst suffering from depression. The charity’s work focuses on delivering talks, education and training to young people, teachers and those who work with them about positive mental health. They provide education and training to primary health care and other professionals, in identifying and supporting those with depression as well as offering training and self-help resources to universities and colleges to promote resilience and mental wellbeing.

Lady Waller, Head of Fundraising at Charlie Waller Memorial Trust said:

“We are thrilled to have been announced as Michelmores’ Charity Partner and are looking forward to working with them over the next two years.  The money raised by the three offices in London, Exeter and Bristol will mean that we can run many more training sessions in schools, universities, FE colleges and workplaces and enable more people to understand and talk openly about depression and other mental health problems, stay mentally well and access appropriate treatment.”

Every two years, Michelmores invites applications to become its dedicated charity partner. Submissions are shortlisted and the winning charity is selected through a staff vote.

Michelmores staff raise approximately £40,000 annually for their nominated charity partner through initiatives such as the 5K Charity Run, the Christmas bizarre, the National Three Peak Challenge and many other fundraising events each year.

For further information on the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, please visit their website here.