How to make your award submission stand out

How to make your award submission stand out

1. Writing style

Submissions should be written in plain English. Avoid flowery language and convey things as simply and in as few words as possible, trying not to use any unnecessary technical language. Create an engaging submission that the judges will enjoy reading – be sure to ask someone to proof read your submission to test this.

2. Bring it to life

The Property Awards’ judges have many submissions to review, so to help your submission stand out, make sure it tells a story. Bring your project to life by telling us about the wider context of the project and its reason for being. For example, has it benefited the local community, economy or environment? If so, consider including evidence from the project’s end users or those in the community to show its affect in the real world.

3. Keep it simple

Submissions do not need to be professionally designed to win, however we advise that you make it as easy to read as possible. Organise your material so that the judges can navigate through the submission easily. Consider using sub-headings related to your categories questions to break up text.

4. Focus on the Project summary

Your project summary will give the judges a lasting impression of your project, not only that but it will also be used in all associated promotion and publicity if your project is shortlisted or wins – so spending time to get this section right is key. Think of it as an elevator pitch for your project, if you were talking to someone about your project face-to-face, what would be the main points you wanted to get across?

5. Take inspiration from previous winners

Take a look at last year’s winners, what did they do to make themselves stand out to the judges?  You can see details of all our winners, including videos with comments from last year’s judging panel.

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