We are hosting a natural capital seminar on Wednesday 18 October at the Michelmores London office at 100 Liverpool Street; focussing upon the opportunities, things to consider when marketing and issues encountered in agreeing sales. This workshop is aimed at those who advise upon transactions for the sale and purchase of landed estates or work within the strategic land sector.

Natural capital is now widely accepted as the term used for the outputs of land which deliver environmental and social benefits, alongside, or perhaps instead of, conventional benefits.

Examples include:-

  • Carbon sequestration by wetlands or trees;
  • Field margins which provide habitats for diverse wildlife; and
  • A “green lung” in a city providing space for recreation and habitat.

The ever-growing enthusiasm and policy support for more sustainable land management has helped make exploitation of our country’s natural capital a tangible reality. This includes the introduction of the Environment Act 2021, conservation covenants, ELMS, the Nutrient Mitigation Scheme, biodiversity net gain requirements and various credit schemes.

In light of this, natural capital considerations are increasingly becoming a key factor in decision making for many. It is therefore more important than ever for professionals advising in this space to understand natural capital, the current and potential opportunities for their clients and the key issues.

With experience in acting on various complex natural capital projects, our speakers will share their insight into how these types of schemes are working in practice.

We will be providing an overview of the current legislative and policy developments and talking through some key practical considerations including:

  • Opportunities and issues for those buying and selling land (including from a strategic land perspective)
  • Measuring natural capital and what it is likely to be worth;
  • The Transaction: Documenting agreements and the likely extent of obligations under those;
  • The extent to which natural capital agreements might encumber land;
  • Natural capital and equine use;
  • Public access requirements (if any);
  • Natural capital from a lender’s perspective; and
  • Key tax considerations within natural capital markets.

Our current line up of speakers are: Ben Sharples, Julie Sharpe, Iwan Williams and Kate Higgins.

The talks will be followed by drinks and canapes in the BloomsYard Café Wine Bar.

We hope you are able to join us.

Cost: £20 per person


16:00 | Natural Capital Seminar

18:00 | Drinks and Canapes

20:00 | Finish