Mock Employment Tribunal Success

Mock Employment Tribunal Success

Over 130 delegates attended two Mock Employment Tribunal hearings staged by law firm Michelmores LLP and held in the spectacular Chamber Room at Kensington Town Hall in London on 2 July 2014.

The lifelike re-enactment of the Tribunal hearings allowed key Bi-Borough* employees and clients and contacts of Michelmores to witness how procedural rules are applied by a Tribunal, and to hear the evidence, cross-examination and verdict.

The practical and interactive sessions were led by Michelmores’ Head of Employment, Andrew Tobey, who said: “We provided delegates with some pre-event reading outlining the claims of whistleblowing and unfair dismissal, the defence, and all of the witness evidence.  They were then invited to take a ringside seat and hear some creative legal arguments from both sides, and some tough cross-examination.  Everyone then had the opportunity to question a witness and vote on the outcome before the Judgment was delivered.

“I can think of no better way of preparing HR professionals and senior management for the realities and challenges that come with attending Employment Tribunals. We were particularly delighted with the very positive feedback from the delegates, 100 per cent of whom said they would recommend the event to others.”

Delegate Andrew Jacobs of Ashcroft Rowan plc said of the event:

“Fantastic. Invaluable and brilliant preparation for a tribunal I have coming up. It couldn’t have been better in any way.”

Alicia Hogue, from the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, added:

“I enjoyed the interactive setting which enabled the audience to participate in the process.”

In addition to Andrew Tobey, who played the role of the Tribunal Judge, other Michelmores lawyers participating at the event held on July 2nd included Tim Davies, Tom Stenner-Evans, James Baker and Rachael Lloyd.

The success of the event has prompted Michelmores’ Employment Team to plan future Mock Tribunals in both London and Exeter, with a wide range of topics currently under consideration.