GCSE Careers Advice lacking

GCSE Careers Advice lacking

It is that time of year again, when pictures of happy students clutching envelopes flood the news. Last Thursday, 21 August, was GCSE results day, another round of students finding out their all-important grades and whether they make it on to their preferred college or 6th form course.

However, in the midst of all the nervous anticipation and celebration, there have been some alarming messages about employability and careers advice.

Earlier this month, The Student Room published the findings of a study suggesting that many students had little or poor advice when choosing A levels, with many feeling they did not have enough information to make informed decisions.  A number of students had acted on advice which later meant they were not able to progress onto their degree course of choice.  

Similarly, the Institute of Public Policy Research stated this month that a full economic recovery would not solve youth unemployment, partly because the training young people were opting for did not tie in with the jobs available.  A stark example provided stated that 94,000 people were trained in beauty and hair for just 18,000 jobs, while only 123,000 were trained in the construction and engineering sectors for an advertised 275,000 jobs.

Given the above, the appropriateness of cuts in recent years to career advice for young people has to be questioned.  Not only is it important that students are supported to make the right decisions, inadequate careers advice may be contributing to youth unemployment and the graduate skills gap.