Business Legal Hour – Employment – 28.04.20

Business Legal Hour – Employment – 28.04.20

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Michelmores’ legal experts Bethan Jones, Lynsey Blyth and Jayne Clemens hosted a Business Legal Hour – Employment webinar today to give their guidance and view on issues affecting employers and employees during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The panel addressed queries from participants of the webinar; they also shared their expertise and knowledge on Government updates to employment law brought in to tackle the impact of lock-down. Issues discussed included:

  • What to consider now to ensure your employees transition smoothly back into the workplace
  • The importance of having a robust social media policy in place
  • Practical advice to help you should you experience derogatory remarks made by staff about your company on social media platforms

If you have any unanswered questions, our panel would be pleased to hear from you: full contact details can be found on their profile pages linked above.

You can view the recording below.

For a range of expert articles exploring issues related to the impact of Coronavirus, please visit our dedicated webpage.

This webinar is for information only. Please note that any comments that our lawyers or guests make during the Michelmores Business Legal Hours are just that and, without full context of the matter or issues at hand, do not constitute legal advice.