Michelmores acts for Triodos Renewables plc on its 2014 Share Issue

Michelmores acts for Triodos Renewables plc on its 2014 Share Issue

Triodos Renewables plc, a company founded 20 years ago by Triodos Bank NV, one of the world’s leading sustainable banks, has launched its 2014 Share Issue.  The company is looking to raise around £5 million through the fund raising.  The money raised through the share issue will be used by Triodos Renewables to acquire and build around 8 to 10MW of additional renewable energy capacity, boosting income and profits.  The company’s ultimate goal is to increase its generation capacity to 125MW by 2020. 

Alexandra Watson, associate, who led the Michelmores team commented

“This is the eighth Triodos Renewables share issue. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Triodos Renewables and sponsors Triodos Bank in relation to this fund raising.  This will give Triodos Renewables the capital it needs to add further generation capacity to its already-substantial portfolio.  I wish them every success in this fund raising’.  

Matthew Clayton, Triodos Renewables’ managing director, says:

“In launching this share issue we are giving investors the opportunity to participate directly in the energy revolution in the UK by taking direct ownership of some of the country’s flagship renewable power projects.  We have worked with Alex for many years and are pleased to have partnered with Michelmores with this share issue.” 

For further information please contact Alexandra Watson, Associate in the Renewable Energy team at Michelmores, by telephone on 01392 687608 or by email at alexandra.watson@michelmores.com.