Body Spray, Blue champagne and Sat Navs: My First Month

Body Spray, Blue champagne and Sat Navs: My First Month

It is hard to believe that I have already been at the firm a month, but so much has happened that it is hard to decide what to relay in my first trainee blog.

My first seat is in Clinical Negligence and today I made my first trip to Exeter County Court to issue proceedings. After eventually finding a space on the 7th floor of a multi-storey car park, I made my way to the court building (an unfortunate day to be wearing high heels!).

I had to walk through a metal detector and have my bag searched to get to the Court Office. “No problem” I thought, only to have my tiny, 35ml bottle of Impulse body spray, quite embarrassingly, confiscated. Then, only a few minutes later, I emerged from the Court Office and had to hand back a receipt to retrieve the little spray, to some strange looks from the security staff. I will check my bag before I visit the County Court in future!

The first year trainees also experienced their first marketing event this month. We helped out at the Devon International Trade Forum, which was held midweek in the Michelmores’ conservatory. The pressure to pour the perfect cup of tea/coffee without spilling it was undeniable, but luckily my beverage-pouring skills were up to scratch and the evening went without a hiccup. We even got a few canapés at the end of the evening. An all round enjoyable and successful first marketing experience!

Finally, I thought I would mention a couple of the social events that have been going on since we started. As a new arrival to the South West I have, so far, had a tendency to get a little lost. In fact, I was nearly late to the very first social event (the Michelmores’ Summer Party) as I spent 5 minutes going round and round and round one of the Sidmouth Road roundabouts (still not sure which one) with the Sat Nav yelling ‘You have reached your destination’ over and over. Needless to say, I finally arrived looking a bit flustered to a very welcome glass of blue champagne.

Michelmores runs a programme throughout the firm where people are paired up with ‘buddies’ and the new trainees and our newly qualified ‘buddies’ had decided to go for a couple of drinks for a catch-up in Exeter city centre. I felt much triumph when I arrived at ‘The Bike Shed’ theatre for ‘buddy drinks’ unflustered, and having taken the most direct route. The rest of the evening was filled with advice, anecdotes and laughter, and a good time was had by everyone.