A Guide to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 – The Changes You Need To Know

A Guide to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 – The Changes You Need To Know

The biggest change in consumer law in decades is coming into force on 1 October. Known as the Consumer Rights Act (‘CRA’), the CRA streamlines existing law and introduces key changes to bolster the rights and remedies available to consumers in business to consumer contracts.

The CRA applies to businesses who supply consumers with goods, services or digital content.  It introduces a wider definition of a consumer meaning more people will qualify for protection under the new law and it provides new, tiered remedies for when goods, services or digital content fail to meet the required legal standard.

Even if you are not involved in business to consumer contracts, you should be aware of the changes coming into force as the businesses you contract with may be consumer facing and therefore the CRA may still affect your processes and the way your business to business contracts are negotiated.

With the Act coming into force soon, now is the time to ensure your business practices are compliant with the new provisions.  This four-part series of articles aims to provide you with a more detailed look at the legislation and the rights and remedies offered to consumers.

Author: Noor Al Naeme

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