I’ve got a training contract – what do I do now?

I’ve got a training contract – what do I do now?

Congratulations if you have managed to secure a training contract over the gruelling period of summer recruitment!

Many law firms (including Michelmores) typically recruit two years in advance so you may be left thinking, “what do I do now?” – Here are some helpful tips:

Don’t let things slip!

Whilst it is tempting to think you don’t need to worry about the next few years, it is important that you still put in 100% effort if you are still studying.

More often than not, training contracts will be offered on the basis that you continue to achieve good grades academically. If you are receiving sponsorship for the GDL or Legal Practice Course, these are also typically offered on the basis that you achieve a certain grade or mark overall.

If you still have optional modules or LPC elective to choose, Michelmores is more than happy to discuss these with future trainees and aren’t too prescriptive about your choices.

Keep up-to-date

During the summer recruitment period, you will have got up to speed with numerous topical issues and could probably do your mastermind specialist topic on the Firm. However, over time this will inevitably slip. Whilst you won’t need a subscription to the Financial Times, it is useful to keep broadly up to date with commercial issues and Firm news. You won’t be tested on this when you join, but it will give you a confidence boost if you meet a partner in the lift!

Keep in touch

Michelmores is very good at keeping in touch with its future trainees.

We have two to three socials a year where current and future trainees can get to know each other (and have a few drinks…). These events are great for getting to know people and for asking any burning questions. It also means you have some friendly faces at the Firm when you do start your training contract.

You will also be paired up with a buddy who will keep in regular contact with you.

If you have any questions or would like more information on being a trainee, please feel free to get in touch, leave a comment below or tweet @MMtrainees.