Contentious Probate Solicitors

Disputed Wills & Trusts

Our experienced team has an excellent reputation for settling complex issues connected with wills, trusts and estates.

We provide expert and understanding advice. This is the key to supporting clients who need to deal with disputes arising from a will or the management of a trust or estate.

If you are unhappy about the terms of a will or the provisions of an estate - for example, if you believe you have been unfairly excluded from a will or left without reasonable financial provision - there are steps that you can take.

There are a number of ways that a will can be held to be invalid and it is possible to make a claim against an estate - but prompt action is often necessary as time limits exist restricting when these types of claims must be brought.

Recent Experience: 
  • Acting for the spouse of a famous artist in relation to the provisions of his Will.
  • Securing a settlement in a case involving a complex Estate with aspects relating to Texan law.
  • Bringing proceedings on behalf of defendants in a High Court trial regarding testamentary capacity.
  • Acting for the ultimate beneficiaries of a trust who were concerned that the trustees were depleting the trust assets and favouring another beneficiary.
  • Reaching settlement for a charity client at a mediation in a claim concerning the testamentary capacity of the Deceased (a famous ballerina).
  • Acting for the claimant wife of a wealthy property developer, who lost capacity following a stroke, in a dispute with our client's step-children over the management of his business.


"After more than seven years embroiled in a family dispute over an inherited farm I was lucky enough to be recommended to contact the Disputed Wills & Trusts Team at Michelmores.  So began the long road to recovery.  The Michelmores team were terrific and I cannot thank them enough".