Using donated sperm is a major decision. Take time to think if it is right for you. 

Sperm donation offers a wide range of options and flexibility, including:

  • a known donor
  • inter family donation
  • donor bank
  • a casual relationship
  • a friend
  • an internet contact

You need to secure expert legal advice to: understand the legal issues and outcomes for all parties, make informed decisions and comply with the legal requirement to give informed consent to treatment. Additional complex issues prevail if your situation involves:

  • a complex personal situation
  • inter family donation
  • a known donor
  • fertility treatment abroad

How we can help

We raise awareness and identify the legal and wider issues to achieve your much wanted family using sperm from whatever option you choose. At the same time, we identify legal practical solutions to hurdles you face on this route to parenthood and beyond.

We provide discrete expert legal advice on:

  • acquisition of legal parenthood for a child
  • acquisition of parental responsibility for a child
  • care and upbringing of a child
  • legal risk analysis in your situation
  • financial provision for a child
  • fertility law in the UK
  • donor conception in the UK
  • resolution of a dispute about arrangements for a child
  • managing relationship breakdown and family law
  • preparation of specialist 'Family Proof' Wills

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