For single women there are a variety of ways you can create a much wanted family and manage the legal implications.  These include:

Natural conception 

Donor conception

Fertility treatment

Known donation 



Children law and disputes 

Family law and disputes 

Becoming a solo mother is exciting and a big step in life.  Assisted reproduction and family law is fast moving and evolving. From the outset, it is important to carefully identify and manage legal issues.  

To undergo fertility treatment at a UK fertility clinic licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority ('HFEA') you need to give informed consent to treatment.  Fertility patients must understand the law and legal implications of their fertility treatment and give written informed consent.  This is not just a form filling exercise. We assist you in understanding the law and legal implications associated with your fertility treatment to help you make legally informed decisions that accurately reflect your wishes.

The law is complex for example if you want to:

  • conceive with a known donor, or co-parent 
  • plan to undergo fertility treatment while you are separated but still married
  • confer legal status for your child upon a new partner 
  • manage a dispute about arrangements for your child with a known donor, co-parent or family member

How we can help

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We provide tailored expert legal advice on:

  • acquisition and protection of legal parenthood for a child
  • acquisition and exercise of parental responsibility for a child
  • fertility law in the UK and internationally
  • donor conception law in the UK and internationally
  • adoption law in the UK and inter-country adoption
  • known donation law and preparation of a known donor agreement
  • co-parenting law and preparation of a co-parenting agreement
  • legal risk analysis in your situation
  • assistance concerning financial provision for a child
  • a dispute about arrangements for a child
  • a relationship breakdown
  • preparation of a specialist 'Family Proof' Will

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For further information or assistance please contact Louisa Ghevaert, Partner and Head of the Fertility and Parenting Team at Michelmores. Email or call +44(0)207 7886382.

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