Top tips for family building and parenting in 2016

The New Year is a time to reflect on life and goals for the year ahead.  For many, this represents the dream of starting a much wanted family or establishing a positive family life.

We know that family building options are evolving and the demands of parenting and family life are changing.  Parenting and family life will be influenced by many factors in 2016 including personal relationships, the economy, technological advances, leisure activities, fashion, weather, food, health and law and policy.

Positive family life and family building success requires care and an investment of time and understanding.  It is all too easy to take a short term and 'scatter gun' approach.  Family relationships need to be nurtured and they require good communication and often patience.  The decision to start a family can be daunting.

Our top tips for successful family building and positive family life in 2016 include:

  • Be positive
  • Be open and willing to embrace change
  • Do your homework so you understand your medical, legal, financial, emotional and practical options
  • Manage your time effectively
  • Prioritize your wishes and goals and work towards these
  • Know your limits from an emotional perspective
  • Plan for success and don’t procrastinate

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