Why invest in specialist fertility law advice when family building?

The decision to forge ahead with starting a family can be daunting, and even more so when it involves fertility treatment, donor eggs or sperm, surrogacy or if you have a complex personal situation. 

Fertility treatment and assisted conception raises all sorts of questions about success rates, costs, treatment options, medical implications, logistics, emotional and legal outcomes.  There is a lot to think about.

Assisted conception raises all sorts of legal issues and it is not always 'a good fit'.  It can have unintended outcomes which can leave parents without legal status for their child.  It can confer unwanted legal status on others and it can create wider emotional, practical and financial issues for you and your child.  This makes it very important to understand the legal issues and proactively manage these to place your family building on a secure footing.  After all, having a child is a life creating and life-long commitment.  

Choosing a fertility lawyer

You may be unsure what legal issues are relevant and why you need expert fertility, parenting and family law advice.  This can make it difficult to make the right decision and get the best outcome.  You may also be feeling sensitive about your situation.  

A fertility lawyer should:

  • Be 'a good fit' for you both personally and professionally.   Family building and fertility treatment can have its 'ups and downs'.   A fertility lawyer with a good 'personal touch' can make all the difference, providing kindness and understanding and enable you to relax and freely discuss your situation and ask questions.
  • Help you make informed decisions.  They should explain the legal issues in your case without using too much jargon so they are easily understandable.  
  • Give you confidence to make decisions which are right for you.  You should feel empowered and be able to avoid 'knee jerk' reactions.
  • Give you peace of mind you have covered all the legal issues. This will help reduce stress and anxiety about your family building.
  • Help you protect your and your family's legal position and manage any risks, bearing in mind law and policy is evolving around the world and can be a 'moving target'.

In short, the right fertility lawyer can really add value in many important ways.  Family building is not just a process to achieve a much wanted child, but a journey from the moment you decide to have a family.   Working with the right fertility lawyer can add immeasurable warmth, peace of mind, professionalism, confidence and comfort that you have a safety net if life does not go to plan.  This will help strike the right balance taking into account emotional, financial, lifestyle and other personal issues which are important to you.  The right fertility lawyer can be a protective sounding board and a personal confidant. 

If you would like to discuss your situation in more detail or learn more about fertility, parenting or family law in the UK please contact Louisa Ghevaert by email louisa.ghevaert@michelmores.com or call +44 (0)207 788 6382.