Families Through Surrogacy Conference 2017

The fourth annual FTS Conference took place in London on 11 March 2017. It delivered a varied schedule for intended parents looking to build their family through surrogacy. 

Michelmores were Gold Sponsors of this year's event. Louisa Ghevaert, Head of Michelmores' Fertility & Parenting team, delivered an informative session on recent developments in UK law, how these affect legal parentage for heterosexual, gay, single and couple arrangements and informed consent to fertility treatment. Louisa was then available for questions during the day.

Surrogacy continues to be a fast moving area. Accordingly, a wide ranging group of fertility sector specialists debated factors driving demand for surrogacy, costs, logistics, medical issues and recent changes in law and policy around the world. They also looked at risk management and the complex dynamics in surrogacy arrangements.

The conference covered the IVF process and choices in surrogacy arrangements.  It offered insight developed over 35 years of surrogacy experience under the Californian model. It gave feedback from a panel of parents who had undergone surrogacy in the US, UK and Canada. It looked at important factors when choosing an egg donor and surrogate. It covered surrogacy in Eastern Europe and trends in multi-national surrogacy including 'hybrid' surrogacy arrangements. A panel of surrogates gave valuable insight on the process. Sessions also looked at the impact of surrogacy on relationships and what you should know about the IVF industry.

Discuss your situation by contacting Louisa Ghevaert, Head of the Fertility and Parenting team at Michelmores LLP, by email louisa.ghevaert@michelmores.com or call +44 (0)207 788 6382.