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You have more options than ever before for creating a much wanted family and managing the legal implications. Family building options include natural conception, fertility treatment (e.g. IVF), donor conception, inter-family donation, known donation, co-parenting, adoption and inter-country adoption and surrogacy.

We help you understand and manage the legal issues associated with modern day family creation and life wherever you are in the world, whether you are: a parent, a social parent, a biological parent, a separated parent, a donor, co-parent, adoptive or foster parent, a surrogate, an intended parent or a wider family member (e.g. grandparent).

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You can find out more about assisted conception and family law in the UK in our resource hub.

For further information and assistance, please contact Louisa Ghevaert, Partner and Head of the Fertility and Parenting Team at Michelmores: Email louisa.ghevaert@michelmores.com or call +44(0)207 7886382.

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